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9417168548 or +19417168548

Melissa F. commented 2017-08-30
This number is harassing. They call 5 times everyday to my business and its so extremely frustrating. There is never anyone on the other end and when I call them there is no answer and cannot leave voicemail. STOP CALLING ME 218-262-2211


7723343161 or +17723343161

Wally commented 2017-08-30
Watch out of this number its a scam


8107206019 or +18107206019

Cody commented 2017-08-30
Im looking up this number because i keep getting random calls all most ever day and i want to know who it is


6507596604 or +16507596604

don commented 2017-08-30
who keeps calling me this number


5186358745 or +15186358745

Manuel commented 2017-08-30
A woman from a dating web site gave this number and I'm not sure that is not a kind of fraud.


9172595255 or +19172595255

Frodo commented 2017-08-30
Claims to be hiring clerk "Collins Smith" from Ecovis, Int. in a text, "I'm contacting you in regards to your resume which was selected and reviewed by our Human Resource Dept. You have been shortlisted for an interview. Kindly reply back if interested." Upon reply, asking which position, there was no response. Scammer


8054567054 or +18054567054

Larry commented 2017-08-30
Got to be a spam #Been getting a lot of them from California lately. I wish they would stop.


4408798852 or +14408798852

Hmmm commented 2017-08-30
Caller disconnected when call was answered


9739795206 or +19739795206

Lupan Eugeniu commented 2017-08-30
Good morning! I apologize for the lack of knowledge of English to complete our discussion. My functional email is:


2342072494 or +12342072494

Unknown commented 2017-08-30
Possible Scam when answered immediate hang-up. When I called the number back it does not ring after last digit is entered it immediately plays a musical tune and is not accompanied by no human or mechanical vocals.


2407053583 or +12407053583

prince Daniel commented 2017-08-30
The owner of this phone number has been sending messages of threat to several cameroonians. threatening the lives of several cameroonians. this is violation of privacy. He goes as far as threatening that he is able to send spies to hut down the people he threatens. i think this man has connections with ISIS or some of the rebellious muslim factions. this message should be treated with much security. if he can be there in the US and send threatening messages to Cameroon, it means he has an underground network with either ISIS or other faction. thanks


2152533880 or +12152533880

Dave commented 2017-08-30
Missed call


3157145333 or +13157145333

suzie commented 2017-08-30
the number called me 2x at night. i dont this number


4802599470 or +14802599470

jack commented 2017-08-30
urbur driver a thief


6313644035 or +16313644035

Elif Saatci commented 2017-08-30
she is from turkey


6161473952 or +16161473952

Jennifer Cottrell commented 2017-08-30
I have had this number, +16161473952 call me a couple times within the last week. I attempted to Google it but it says it wasn't a valid number.


7609739283 or +17609739283

Bahtiar commented 2017-08-30
I would like to confirm that the owner of this number claimed to be named Joyce L, originally from Brussels, Belgium. Is it right?


8182178925 or +18182178925

Brent commented 2017-08-30
Wife got a call saying it was IRS filing lawsuit scam


2145206936 or +12145206936

Admin commented 2017-08-30
The owner of this phone number is Howard Carla Sutton. Dallas, TX, United States.


8185842459 or +18185842459

Admin commented 2017-08-30
1 people reported this as spam.