Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


4025981415 or +14025981415

Josh commented 2017-08-25


4028301644 or +14028301644

Thompson commented 2017-08-25
He is a fraud, a low life scum.


8483914791 or +18483914791

Saji Joseph commented 2017-08-25
I received a call Yesterday @ IST 20:51,lift it but no sound and later cut. I have no one in US but applied for job.


4099898010 or +14099898010

Anonymous commented 2017-08-25
one bad MF female. Most amazing, talented, and attractive females I've ever met. If this number calling you, be grateful. If this number calling your man, be afraid, and u may want to step up yo game, I'm just saying.


5865639861 or +15865639861

Cortney commented 2017-08-25
Unknown number; did not leave voice message.


2538153005 or +12538153005

Nam commented 2017-08-24
MY phone read World Vision, and she said she wanted to speak with one of our donaters. She gave two stories why, however, she could be a good person. I did call the number back and she answered hello this is Tamara, which is the name she gave me. When it comes to phone calls and numbers I do not recognize I am just plain leary. This might help, when someone else posts!!


4155690466 or +14155690466

a person commented 2017-08-24
anyone know who called me with this? Thanks


2676578026 or +12676578026

esctec commented 2017-08-24
i found this number on a dutch (craiglist) ebay ( why advert in the netherlands with a us tel it smells fishy


2677229824 or +12677229824

PAULA RODRIGUEZ commented 2017-08-24
Quiero saber si es una persona real o es un montaje.


7605964898 or +17605964898

HAR commented 2017-08-24
I hope this person gets caught


7605964898 or +17605964898

Credit Card 6% rate Lisa Calling commented 2017-08-24
This was a recorded call a woman name Lisa talk about a credit card reduction on your account. Which I have NO account with them. That's how I know this is a crook. I answered and she says if you want to speak about this rate push nine. Then a man comes on and harass he speaks nothing about a credit card but says he is in my backyard. I told him I was associated with the police but he continued talking harassment such as going on a date, when he said this I told him do not go there because you do not want this call reported to my local police. I told him I was associated with the police department. I had to end the call but I am going to inform the police if I receive another call from Lisa about a credit card reduction. This is a prank call and a scammer trying to get personal information from people probably to use their information for identity theft. This call was received on my mobile phone with the same area code however, this is a prankster from the Escondido area a crook.


8326241038 or +18326241038

Doris commented 2017-08-24
I don't like for some one to call me no answers


9142671093 or +19142671093

Dennise Roldan commented 2017-08-24
He claims to be part of FedEx and telling me that i won a lottery.


8322050203 or +18322050203

solomon commented 2017-08-24
The number belongs to Maria. I lost her last name and I have been trying to her on Facebook.


5162953586 or +15162953586

alvin banawa commented 2017-08-24
hello sir madam, you call me last time around 2.35 pm here in the philippine.can i help you?


9526930139 or +19526930139

Namita commented 2017-08-24
Got Call from this number: Place:minnesota Contact : +19526930139


9072276636 or +19072276636

Shine commented 2017-08-24
Where is the owner of this number? It is active but not responding.


2064657084 or +12064657084

Miles Thompson commented 2017-08-24
If this is the right person, he used to live in So Cal and was in the health care support business


8456285561 or +18456285561

Brian commented 2017-08-24
Female person on phone sounds like she is from India calls and said I had a check for $9000.00 waiting for me do I understand? I replied "I know this is a scam, remove me from your list". Caller hung up on me.


8456884365 or +18456884365

Jessie commented 2017-08-24
Person on phone sounds like he's from India calls and said I had a check for $9000.00 waiting for me do I understand? I replied "I know this is a scam, remove me from your list". He said just wait and grab a pen and paper. I said go ahead. He's reply was write this down, "F*%k You" and hung up.