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5123250794 or +15123250794

Mick Jagger commented 2017-08-22
Google voice won't even connect with the number on a return call.


7022098887 or +17022098887

Charlie miller commented 2017-08-22
Says they are IRS and they have a warrant for my arest need to call this number. SCAM!!!!!'m


6162587277 or +16162587277

JEFF commented 2017-08-22


8185842459 or +18185842459

Sara_T commented 2017-08-22
This number call me every day without clear message. towenty times already! It is not seriuos! scam?!


5043045743 or +15043045743

ronald commented 2017-08-22
its a scam nr


5624504230 or +15624504230

Sprint nTmobile hacked commented 2017-08-22
Devices sold rooted number ported to both carriers illegally redistributed to new customers with original owners accounts attached now unable to verify no access to either devices or numbers!


5624504154 or +15624504154

Sprint n T-Mobile hacked commented 2017-08-22
This number was illegally ported to both carriers with accounts attached devices were sold rooted and numbers distributed to new unaware owners original owner unable to verify accounts status due to non access of devices or numbers!


5624504144 or +15624504144

Hacked by Sprint n T-Mobile commented 2017-08-22
Stolen phone number ported to two different carriers on rooted devices accounts connected stolen unable to verify ownership because of mobile number stolen


2145206936 or +12145206936

Jordan commented 2017-08-22
Trying to extend a warranty on a vehicle that's been out of warranty for 5yrs. They call almost every day and I'm on the NDNCL. I'd strangle them if I ever got hands on 'em.


9284875479 or +19284875479

liz commented 2017-08-21
this number keeps calling / texting me. Don't know who they are.


7141495055 or +17141495055

AZ commented 2017-08-21
They called, and I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number, this bottom feeder didn't leave a message either. I reported this number to the DNC as a spammer, telemarketer. Location: Orange County Area


5868389629 or +15868389629

calin commented 2017-08-21
Cine esti? Ai whatup


9064842624 or +19064842624

Gail commented 2017-08-21
This number keeps calling my cell phone number, but never leave a message. I suspect some sort of scam. BEWARE!!!


8133375367 or +18133375367

Unknown commented 2017-08-21
18133375367 random caller no message


2062589907 or +12062589907

Kristi luteman commented 2017-08-21
Don't know anything other than I missed a call


7327803530 or +17327803530

Father martin commented 2017-08-21
I am from Baghdad need to reach the owner of this phone for important issue


4429996294 or +14429996294

Cassssss commented 2017-08-21
You're gunna. Wanna give her account back or dieeeeeed


6469719118 or +16469719118

sjr commented 2017-08-21
credit collector: transworld systems inc.


6469718915 or +16469718915

sjr commented 2017-08-21
credit collections: Transworld systems incorporated.


2018779344 or +12018779344

Abebe Mengesha Aga commented 2017-08-21
Dear Sir/Madam, I am Abebe Mengesha (Researcher) from Ethiopia Public Health Institute, you call me this morning (21/08/2017). Please use the following address to reach me as the sound doesn't work properly due to network problem. Sorry for the inconvenience! Kindly, Abebe.