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5512030818 or +15512030818

Donna commented 2017-08-10
I got a text message from this number, saying "hi Donna, how are you?" but I didn't recognize it


9517799499 or +19517799499

Felipe Sanchez commented 2017-08-10
I Wonder who keeps calling me.


7606512327 or +17606512327

Sam Afred commented 2017-08-10
Need help. You have the number give me a call.


7608803664 or +17608803664

Durrell Brown commented 2017-08-10
Give me all call. 760.652.2327


9203605060 or +19203605060

Dee commented 2017-08-09
Spam caller


7130671031 or +17130671031

Gee commented 2017-08-09
Called me, but they left no message


8187147517 or +18187147517

.. commented 2017-08-09
Avoid.. scam!!!


9513803882 or +19513803882

Katalin Baic commented 2017-08-09
The owner of the number claims to be an agent for SAMSUNG giving prize money supposedly, and asking for " transfer fee " sent by WESTERN UNION to a private person.


3125863214 or +13125863214

Piet de Vries commented 2017-08-09
beware, fake Microsoft call to overtake your computer if you follow instructions.


7818621018 or +17818621018

Dr (Col) Mahendra N Mishra. commented 2017-08-09
I am trying to check if it belongs to my classmate from school days (1975-79) Dr Debasish Roy Chaudhary who is a Medical Oncologist in USA.


4093499008 or +14093499008

susan commented 2017-08-09
A friend Joe Harrison said its his moms Nr just not sure about this


6058310548 or +16058310548

On a need to know basis commented 2017-08-09
I have no clue who they are. Helpful right?


6038284049 or +16038284049

Sivart commented 2017-08-09
Got several call from these assholes. Says it's a student loan forgiveness program. Ask why they are calling me and they hang up. Ignore them


2022536469 or +12022536469

Godson commented 2017-08-09
This number has been calling talking about student loan one did not ewe. It is fraud.


2166835389 or +12166835389

Jenn commented 2017-08-09
Male 35 Cleveland, Ohio


3162679516 or +13162679516

NA commented 2017-08-08
They called claiming to be with the district court. I call back and get an error message


2393173387 or +12393173387

mac commented 2017-08-08
sounded foreign. asked for my sister. asked what they want, they said have a good day and hung u[.


5413014077 or +15413014077

edwin r colin commented 2017-08-08
he send thi number to me


2169057729 or +12169057729

linda commented 2017-08-08
who called me?


5109888978 or +15109888978

anon commented 2017-08-08
MULTIPLE repeat caller. Hangs up, no message.