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6895522061 or +16895522061

Jason commented 2017-08-07
woke up with a txt saying i won 320,000$ dollars. figured it was fake but wanted to check


5188558600 or +15188558600

Vera commented 2017-08-07
using this number in financial freud scheme.


4698160390 or +14698160390

Jena Jackson commented 2017-08-07
Bought a pup from Craigslist from this number. They sold me a sick pup i have had for 24hr just found out it has parvo. They will not take my calls


3473292512 or +13473292512

sh commented 2017-08-06


6126438608 or +16126438608

amine commented 2017-08-06
they tried to make me ship my phone to south africa specially to nigiria


2107250963 or +12107250963

Ramzy commented 2017-08-06
This number just called me randomly and it annoys me


5186597242 or +15186597242

Michael commented 2017-08-06
This number is owned by an unethical hacker. I got call from this number. A male person is speaking very rudely. He is threating me. Don't receive calls from this number.


2704053545 or +12704053545

Kimberly commented 2017-08-06
Kimmi russell


7868625428 or +17868625428

Elizabeth tovar commented 2017-08-06
Quisiera saber de quien es este numero de telefono,desde alli han estado acosando a mi esposo,diciendole palabras oxenas y muy ofensivas e incluso hablando barbaridades de mi persona..


5187400670 or +15187400670

Ali RAza commented 2017-08-06
i want to know because i got msgs from this number and it's about my life. i want to know location only from where this number is located. kindly cooperate with us please


2676579194 or +12676579194

Anthony Emmanuel Sunday commented 2017-08-06
The owner of this number scam me of 25000 claiming he wanna sent me invitation from new York after the payment he block me on Facebook and whatsapp and no more pick my calls


2149452731 or +12149452731

Sr commented 2017-08-06
Want to know who this is


4233018867 or +14233018867

Nick commented 2017-08-06
Received email message from sender who used my first name and the town I live near. When I replied to that email message, it bounced. The number given was (423) 301-8867 "four 2 3 3 zero 1 8 8 six 7" Neutral Tandem-Tennessee BROOKS FIBER COMMUNICATIONS OF TENNESSEE, INC.- TN South Pittsburg, TN (Landline) Chattanooga, TN Carrier OCN: 7278


4057513016 or +14057513016

Unknown commented 2017-08-06
This num keeps send me messages say different companies have over chared my acct. To collect ur refund click on the link they send. Well i have recieved the same message but for different companies and different amounts. And fyi i am in canada not the usa. So my advise dont trust it as i have called the number and it just rings endlessly!!


6262104037 or +16262104037

Eva O Bryant commented 2017-08-06
safe caller , i got call from this number , this caller is safe .


4022106493 or +14022106493

Tyler Grey commented 2017-08-06
Random text message


3173421425 or +13173421425

N B commented 2017-08-05
Saying it's insurance co. With a Payson who has a heavy india accent


8125894524 or +18125894524

N B commented 2017-08-05
Spam saying i won a trip. Auto attendant


8125894524 or +18125894524

N B commented 2017-08-05
Spam saying i womb a trip. Auto attendant


4702308248 or +14702308248

Michael commented 2017-08-05
Keeps texting me