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6315424836 or +16315424836

David commented 2017-07-16
This number belongs to a man who is on internet as a woman and tries to take your video and rip you off


9792504610 or +19792504610

Milad commented 2017-07-16
That's My Number Come Telegram :@


9792504610 or +19792504610

milad commented 2017-07-16
who are u ?


4242455994 or +14242455994

Amy Harper commented 2017-07-16
don't no much,this person contact me,and i like to no more about this person? i know her name is Amy Harper living att the moment in texas,that is all i know


9174844986 or +19174844986

Sri SK commented 2017-07-16
Need to know the owner of this phone number


9016460001 or +19016460001

Starlet commented 2017-07-16
Hi robert,im so worried about u,u didnt send me any message from two days ago,r u ok??plz inform me about yourself


3178095372 or +13178095372

.... commented 2017-07-16
He is my bestfriend and i need t9 get ahold of him


5189667768 or +15189667768

Manpi commented 2017-07-16
This number blakemale me.edit my video and upload to YouTube.


9402383180 or +19402383180

Janice commented 2017-07-16
I believe this number to be that of a scammer / fake person


2243007576 or +12243007576

BR commented 2017-07-16
Who are you?


8433244977 or +18433244977

Me commented 2017-07-16
Hey whats up katie.


2132620685 or +12132620685

judy commented 2017-07-16
please call me


9133065638 or +19133065638

THE OWNER commented 2017-07-16
This is my phone # without the +1 at the beginning not sure how it managed to call me but did I suspect draudulant activity/hacking it needs to end


7864177471 or +17864177471

Lilly smith commented 2017-07-15
This number called me and he said he wants to have job interview with me. I'm wondering where's the job located.


6065893444 or +16065893444

Jaki commented 2017-07-15
Got Called left no msg


3103038493 or +13103038493

JT commented 2017-07-15
This is a scam phone number trying to get you to say yes so they can use your voice to scam you. BE CAREFUL! They claim to be a resort and tell you that you have won something and start asking yes / no type questions! DO NOT SAY YES! or you will pay!


3013295282 or +13013295282

Tan commented 2017-07-15
It's a scammer phone. Be aware!


8133923410 or +18133923410

Edmo commented 2017-07-15
Called and just said hello over and over. Suspiciously perfect repetition.


5593216968 or +15593216968

Eric commented 2017-07-15
Just wanna know


2512278224 or +12512278224

Jane commented 2017-07-15
I don't know who's behind this but I always get dirty and perverted texts of this number and whenever I block it, a new number appears but I suspect it's the same person behind it. .