Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


9019306803 or +19019306803

Alexis commented 2017-07-10
I need to know who phone this is because if it my dad I need to change my phone number


6054755471 or +16054755471

rex commented 2017-07-10
To known telco company


9081484476 or +19081484476

Faizan commented 2017-07-09
I Wana know who call me ?


4256890490 or +14256890490

Haley T commented 2017-07-09
This person knows me fairly well, doesnt want to give away their identity.


6025527208 or +16025527208

hamdi commented 2017-07-09
hi im hamdi how are you


6088790261 or +16088790261

Curtis commented 2017-07-09
SCAM I got a text to email her husband at he wanted me to set up Paypal for a vehicle I was selling. It was definitely a scam. SCAM. Wisconsin it would have cost more for shipping than the car was worth.


7186699276 or +17186699276

Dhiraj A Patankar commented 2017-07-09
Need to know about this number


7815026138 or +17815026138

harveen commented 2017-07-09
Hmm manraj or jazz? Lol Callin urself jatt, sharma saab?


6466484202 or +16466484202

Jerald commented 2017-07-09
Is this a scam number? he was hiring frim saudi arabia for restaurant which is lemonade restaurant.. then he is asking for money of 300$ is it true or fake?


7247166887 or +17247166887

Satish Kumar commented 2017-07-09
He has told me there is Vacancy in PROTEA HOTEL USA. And he took Money from me approx $350.


6573466125 or +16573466125

Jennifer commented 2017-07-08
Blue eyes blonde


4049751030 or +14049751030

Erin commented 2017-07-08
Claimed they were from an asset management company and needed me to verify information they had on me before they would tell me what the call was about. Definitely spam.


4157444160 or +14157444160

Erin commented 2017-07-08
Missed a call and didn't get a voicemail. Probably spam.


7172761886 or +17172761886

Walter F Travers commented 2017-07-08
Cold call / missed call showed up on phone. unknown number and I did not return the call.


3139360404 or +13139360404

lilli commented 2017-07-08
i meet him in chat


3139360405 or +13139360405

lilli commented 2017-07-08
because i meet him in chat


5803809471 or +15803809471

Psm Fishet commented 2017-07-08
Cant say... i missed call & tried to call back but only got voice mail


9177240186 or +19177240186

Margo Christie commented 2017-07-08
A guy on a dating site gave me this phone number, and I want to know if this really belongs to him, or if it's a scam ...


6285007580 or +16285007580

klaus commented 2017-07-08
you told me you live in australia


6313159172 or +16313159172

Paul commented 2017-07-08
I want to take this number and used