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6199819418 or +16199819418

Gene commented 2017-06-28
No idea who this is. Calls, doesn't leave a message. No idea who this is


9097602282 or +19097602282

Gene commented 2017-06-28
I keep getting calls without any messages left. Yesterday alone, I was called 3 times by this number


5048346089 or +15048346089

Nikki commented 2017-06-28
Hi BB, How are you? Please message back in Skayp. SS


7163301335 or +17163301335

Andrew moore commented 2017-06-28
Where is my antenna I ordered over one month ago called several times and emailed so refund me now $34.74 plus the $4.00 now


5713351524 or +15713351524

Anton Grobbelaar commented 2017-06-28
You phoned my personal mobile number in South Africa about 10 minutes ago. Please send me a text message with your query and I'll gladly reply.


6467606369 or +16467606369

JS commented 2017-06-28
I got a message early this morning.Wondering whose number is this?


5025367531 or +15025367531

michelle commented 2017-06-28
need id for above number


8659490499 or +18659490499

Jim commented 2017-06-28
No message at 1 in the morning


8174387664 or +18174387664

Thad commented 2017-06-28
Hi you called just seeing who it is


9802858717 or +19802858717

He claim to be Harry Drust commented 2017-06-28
BEWARE: FRUDSTER. Purchased an eBay item and sent us fake HTML payments. With fake emails from eBay and PayPal. Than asked for it to be shipped to another address at: Rachel White 8522 MAin Street Houma, Louisiana 70363 USA. Address on the eBay original purchase: 410 South Tennessee Amarillo US 79106


7025279391 or +17025279391

Melat commented 2017-06-28
Hey Sirak it's me Betty, I really want to talk to you. Text me or call me when u get this. Please!


7248603180 or +17248603180

Arnold Mangubat commented 2017-06-28
I missed a call from this number


2676713545 or +12676713545

Ed commented 2017-06-28
Escort service looking for "clients". They send text messages. Careful!


5624749803 or +15624749803

Aaron Hooker commented 2017-06-28
We're you at fool


2707231682 or +12707231682

Not 1 to mess with commented 2017-06-28
This meth mouth trailer park trash looked my husband's number up and left him a Vm.. Said "I haven't heard from you in a while".... Dumbass, that's ur cue to step away!!!!


5623416128 or +15623416128

Williams Abbas commented 2017-06-28
Why have you not contacted me


3212044342 or +13212044342

Sara Robertson commented 2017-06-28
(321) 204-4342


7817207143 or +17817207143

Me commented 2017-06-28
How could you


9802952598 or +19802952598

Jordan commented 2017-06-28
Making sure it's a real person


9048530372 or +19048530372

franck commented 2017-06-28
who is the owner of this number