Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


8149330842 or +18149330842

Marina commented 2017-05-16
This person asks me for $ 800. I want to know his data


3059741919 or +13059741919

elbossini commented 2017-05-16
nothing to report


2068540699 or +12068540699

Eva commented 2017-05-16
Calls my cell phone and doesn't say anything.


6572065675 or +16572065675

Jakson Stone commented 2017-05-16
Fake robo call for some scam about loans.


3125512324 or +13125512324

sidney commented 2017-05-16
who is this


8153416434 or +18153416434

Sterkowitz francine commented 2017-05-16
i want to know every data about this person


2018792487 or +12018792487

Matt G. commented 2017-05-16
I have a new number and I would like to know if it was recycled. I do not recognize this number. Not a big deal. I'm just curious.


6303609530 or +16303609530

benedict commented 2017-05-16
I want detail about this phone no. Every thing about it, including the owners names.


6035766029 or +16035766029

N Bluth commented 2017-05-16
Someone called from this number, called back and "the number or code you have dialed is incorrect"


6466613609 or +16466613609

Hemanta kumar baishya commented 2017-05-16
I got call regarding hotel job I just want confirm


3526039925 or +13526039925

John commented 2017-05-16


2132044347 or +12132044347

Ron commented 2017-05-16
Called me at 4 am


6465085322 or +16465085322

carmen diaz commented 2017-05-16
hi how are you?


5162101308 or +15162101308

Maria Mattos commented 2017-05-16
Somebody call me up on my phone yesterday


9107828939 or +19107828939

christine h block commented 2017-05-16
didnt tell me whose number it was


6466526137 or +16466526137

Malaysian commented 2017-05-16
Romance Scammer Alert!!!!!Claimed to be an German/American engineer working in Penang, Malaysia. Claim that his mother is ill and that he has returned to the states to visit her. The real Chris Westfall is A motivational speaker from the USA,married with two kids in Dallas. He will send you photos of "his family'" to make you believe that he is real. The scammer has a good command in English and would quickly make you fell for him with spam of love texts, calls and etc. His voice is pretty husky, low and rough, but speaks a good English. Then later on he would told you that he has apply for a housing project in Spain as individual contractor and would need money urgently to apply for health insurance for his " workers" and that after he is done he will come back to Malaysia to meet up. This scammer is extremely patient and knowledgeable and wouldn't mind allure someone for few thousand euros. After I tried to bust him, he would still deny and claim that he is the real person. This account/scammer used to be active on Please be aware. (I can be contacted and provide more evidence)


2064570254 or +12064570254

Jszego commented 2017-05-16
I suspect eBay scammer?


5612925802 or +15612925802

Lucas Von Olsson commented 2017-05-16
I want to know, who is the owner of this phone number?


6362915383 or +16362915383

Joe commented 2017-05-16
Who called me


8148175589 or +18148175589

ANASIA ELENA commented 2017-05-16
I would like to know if it is a scammed number