Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


7024301768 or +17024301768

Suzan commented 2017-05-10
Who are you?


7405636295 or +17405636295

Bob commented 2017-05-10
I need this man


9375041477 or +19375041477

KSS commented 2017-05-10
I want to know to which circle does this number belong to


7274799548 or +17274799548

Anonymous commented 2017-05-10
No idea what the story is with this one. Some woman, sounded older, country, and lacking a tooth or two. Called me, I called - no reply, called me twice, I called again - she answered. I was asked "Why ah'you playin' phone tag with mhe?" I asked who I was speaking to and got a "Who is this?" I replied first name only, and she hung up. Wrong number or not, not so pleasant.


5592056138 or +15592056138

Jessica commented 2017-05-10
Quit calling!!!! Random times a night!


5742136515 or +15742136515

Bebe commented 2017-05-10
Who does it belong to


2084103392 or +12084103392

Nihaar commented 2017-05-10
I have received three calls from this number, can I please know who this is ?


9162968944 or +19162968944

Menggay commented 2017-05-10
Who are you ? Why gave a call


4843811769 or +14843811769

JW commented 2017-05-10
called my brand new cell phone number, I declined the call since I don't have a clue on who it is.


3037252422 or +13037252422 commented 2017-05-10
No messages left, but multiple calls from & unable to ID caller!


3139607313 or +13139607313

Erica commented 2017-05-10
Keeps calling and not leaving message.


7323007309 or +17323007309

Liz commented 2017-05-10
Who is this?


2027665523 or +12027665523

LOL commented 2017-05-10
These people keep calling talking about I got a $3,000 Grant last week they said that I had a $9,000 Grant and they wanted me to go somewhere to buy a gift card so they know but a bunch of phony why you can't give me the money and I buy the $200 gift card some don't add up


8045034794 or +18045034794

Michelle Jenkins commented 2017-05-10
Stop calling my f...... number


2164661542 or +12164661542

Ok commented 2017-05-10
Who is this


4175089966 or +14175089966

wc commented 2017-05-10
Repeat calls - no name, no location, no voice msg left. No info in NO info out, NO call is answered, returned, considered in any way without verifiable information provided.


2029991449 or +12029991449

moe commented 2017-05-10
i been bothered and harassment day and night from this number acting there under cover working for the usa treasure investigation department


8622106449 or +18622106449

FBI commented 2017-05-10
You shouldn't scan people who work for the fbi. Don't you know we can search your exact location? Even if you're using a text app. It's illegal asking for banking information to hack into and take money out for yourself. Think about that while I head over to your house now.


3157621059 or +13157621059

Jerry commented 2017-05-09
Called and hung up.


4152333235 or +14152333235

Lee commented 2017-05-09
who called