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9032011559 or +19032011559

Sandra Bennett commented 2017-02-02
this number calls my cell phone everyday!!!!!,i do not need any assistance from this number please STOP CALLING ME!!!!!!


3342129988 or +13342129988

Lawson Smyly commented 2017-02-02
Number called don't know who it is was wondering


9563478820 or +19563478820

Gto23 commented 2017-02-01
who is this?


7202174018 or +17202174018

Ms crawford commented 2017-02-01
They say nothing and just hang up


4403056645 or +14403056645

Kyle commented 2017-02-01
They keep texting me


9178549996 or +19178549996

wills commented 2017-02-01
i want to know the owner of the number and his/ her profession. thanks


3308005500 or +13308005500

Mesagh commented 2017-02-01
Hi i want this number please


4794785556 or +14794785556

Bost Foundation commented 2017-02-01
Bost Work Development is a light manufacturing operation specializing in small assembly fabrication and kitting opportunities. We can arrange pickup and delivery to meet your needs. Bost Work Development has a dedicated work force which are skilled in areas of work demanded by local industry such as: Kitting, Sub-assembly, Packaging, Repackaging, Quality Control.


4056026664 or +14056026664

Science Museum Oklahoma commented 2017-02-01
I've been to only a handful of science museums in my life, but Science Museum Oklahoma is definitely my favorite. It is always getting new exhibits and attractions. They regularly have space shows, science shows, or whatever shows. My kids love it here. We've taken advantage of that on multiple occasions. The awesome thing about this place is you'll take your kids here thinking it is just for them, and then you'll find yourself having a lot of fun too. There is so much to learn for everyone at every age. A definite must see for young and old families.


8153954403 or +18153954403

Milestone commented 2017-02-01
Support and donations from area corporations and individuals make many of the programs at MILESTONE, INC. possible. MILESTONE, INC. is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please contact the Resource Development office about ways you can help make a difference through a financial or in-kind donation, by remembering MILESTONE, INC. in your will or estate plan, or by making a contribution to the MILESTONE FOUNDATION.


7162781630 or +17162781630

Stollberg commented 2017-02-01
The Stollberg Group specializes in a range of mould fluxes to meet the various requirements of customers in the steel industry. Fluxes are used for steel production in continuous casting, bottom pouring, ladle and tundish processes. The company s high-quality fluxes are engineered to meet specific requirements through intensive technical service and applied research. The Stollberg Group has research and production sites in Germany, United States, Korea, France, Brazil and India, including a research and development office in Niagra Falls, N.Y.


9372763474 or +19372763474

Stephanie Bradshaw commented 2017-02-01
In Dayton Fish is very clean. The people whom work here are so friendly. The fish OMG what don't they have you name it they have it. Pick something they will cook it right there and so yummy good portions. You get a good amount for what ya pay for sure. My boyfriend is also in love with the seafood.


4093168109 or +14093168109

Texas commented 2017-02-01
this number is a telemarketer


8324303528 or +18324303528

EK commented 2017-02-01
This number texted me and said they were Bank of America.


7077107188 or +17077107188

inan commented 2017-01-31
who are you?


7077107188 or +17077107188

nani commented 2017-01-31
who is this?


9173975666 or +19173975666

sufian nazri commented 2017-01-31
Is this legit belong to one hlliary


6414239460 or +16414239460

Metalcraft commented 2017-01-31
Made from the toughest materials including polyester, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, ceramic and more, Metalcraft nameplates and labels are built to withstand environments ranging from mild to extreme and resist abrasion, caustics/acids, solvents, salt air, high temperatures, and UV rays.


9516828573 or +19516828573

Dale Chuning commented 2017-01-31
Lucky Air is a first class service right down from the owner, service tech, installer and salesperson. Highly recommended. Very timely install of my complete A/C and Heating system.


8655247525 or +18655247525

O.G. Hughes and Sons commented 2017-01-31
For over 80 years, we have been leading the way in quality, service, and workmanship in the truck and fleet equipment industry. Whether your fleet consists of 1 vehicle or 1000 vehicles, we understand the need to have a reliable vehicle that you can depend on to get the job done safely and efficiently. From DOT and ANSI inspections to complete rebuilds, we offer repair service on most makes/models of equipment. Services also include welding repairs, electrical troubleshooting, hydraulic repairs, and dielectric testing. From aerials and diggers to rodders and scrappers, we offer rentals and leasing for most utility equipment.