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6318713180 or +16318713180

Taskin Keskin commented 2017-04-29
I will like the use this phone number. I was use this number past 4 years


4437378741 or +14437378741

Al commented 2017-04-29
Somebody calling


6072783068 or +16072783068

Sophie Fraser commented 2017-04-29
Tour valadity thé french


6144685345 or +16144685345

Jane k. commented 2017-04-29
I met someone who says he is in Syria but his phone number is 16144685345 when i googled that number it shows that it's from Colombus Ohio. We have been talking through VIBER free calls. Also his time when he message me it shows the time is the same as my time here in Cincinnati Ohio. Yet i googled time in Syria it shows 8 hours time difference. Please let me know if this person can really be messaging me with that number 16144685345 from the country Syria.


4694153291 or +14694153291

Jim. Hilgendorf commented 2017-04-29
I keep getting calls from this number .. Im wondering who it is... I call it back no answer


5706060743 or +15706060743

Some dude with young son commented 2017-04-29
If it wasn't for me already catching the right guy screwing my old lady,I might of thought it was this guy. But why would he have my number so it must have truly been a accident.


5512007707 or +15512007707

thakur ji commented 2017-04-29
Call me 7986260117


2025908675 or +12025908675

Zimmy commented 2017-04-29
I Miss You


8472789119 or +18472789119

Juan Robinson commented 2017-04-29
I wanna know who own this phone numbet


6198447681 or +16198447681

Sal. I. commented 2017-04-29
I received a message late morning, but I have no idea who it is. Just wondering if it's really from the same area.


2021113333 or +12021113333

USER commented 2017-04-29


9285580025 or +19285580025

Vikki commented 2017-04-29
Who is this


2028215657 or +12028215657

Roberto Lopez commented 2017-04-29
This is an scam number. Someone call me saying he was from the government.


7082692703 or +17082692703

Uknown commented 2017-04-29
Not sure caller as 2 people have the exact same phone number...


2707755641 or +12707755641

Patricia Himes commented 2017-04-29
Rec call unable to answer. then received text. called back no answer


2038841000 or +12038841000

saeed commented 2017-04-28
you called me on +989134096839 today ,but I was not there,would you please call me on +989132006284


2488019274 or +12488019274

Michael Axtell commented 2017-04-28
I did not catch the original call. When I called back it said it was GOOGLE calling about my business listing online. The call was to make sure my business was still active. If it wasn't I just needed to hang up. THE CATCH: The automated machine said to have all my information ready and that there may be a charge to fix any issues with my posting. Once I heard charge I looked up the phone number. you would think GOOGLE (the search engine giant) would have its numbers listed. Seemed like a scam to me.


9796350124 or +19796350124

Carlos commented 2017-04-28
Mi pana tu crees que bloqueandome no vas a saber de mi estas equivocado


2243012133 or +12243012133

sam t commented 2017-04-28
unknown caller,keeps calling, i don't answer


6106203216 or +16106203216

Pat commented 2017-04-28
They call my house asking for me