Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


4086844374 or +14086844374

Nandakishor LV commented 2017-04-27
Had got missed call


4805168751 or +14805168751

soumya commented 2017-04-27
want to know the owner information


4694078082 or +14694078082

Scary commented 2017-04-27
This number text me.The text said I love you


4066980177 or +14066980177

Tamil selvan commented 2017-04-27
hi i received a call from this number while attending it was cut it out, could u please share ur details to my mailling address(tamil.


4109030192 or +14109030192

Sarah commented 2017-04-27
Who is this


6464815995 or +16464815995

Abdu shakoor commented 2017-04-27
Who is this


5869262002 or +15869262002

This ramdom commented 2017-04-27
I don't no them they have called me from different numbers.


4433728254 or +14433728254

Khan commented 2017-04-27
Nice to meet you


3198298386 or +13198298386

Eric Allen commented 2017-04-27
Asking about loans. Scam?


6029035741 or +16029035741

Teresa commented 2017-04-27
Who is this


3859451058 or +13859451058

John Vinson commented 2017-04-27
I got a call purporting to be from (385)945-1058 on my cell phone (so I have to pay!!); it was a robocall advertising some medical alert system ("since you're a senior" - I am, but it's perturbing that they would know that fact and my cell number).


6175046187 or +16175046187

wtf commented 2017-04-27


2027809623 or +12027809623

Michael Birdsong commented 2017-04-27
Told to call this number for a federal grant


5406283439 or +15406283439

JoEllen commented 2017-04-26
Scam artists-say it is officer so and so calling from the IRS and a warrant is being issued to me for under payment in taxes.


9168274970 or +19168274970

navi commented 2017-04-26
Dont know who caller is


2677272002 or +12677272002

LnC commented 2017-04-26
IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and I need to call this number back


9097713668 or +19097713668

Heidi commented 2017-04-26
Like to know if this number belongs to Deirdre Smith 22838 Bear Valley Road space 7 Apple Valley .calf 92308 (909) 771 3668


7176019864 or +17176019864

Christy commented 2017-04-26
OMG! can somebody tell me what shall i do I have given my banking infomation and they never come back. They make me wait forever. Please tell me what shall i do PLIZ...Plizz..


7176019864 or +17176019864

maria commented 2017-04-26
This call could be very dangerious. Don't trust nor pick the call from this number, they are scammer.


7176019864 or +17176019864

unknown commented 2017-04-26
I receive a call from this no several times, saying that i have won $9200 from the government survey and what not. Finally found they are scammer because they asked me for my banking information so they can transfer the fund. Please just hang up the call if anyone receive a call from this no. It seem they can also trace our location, IP address and lot more by the software they uses.