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8183213098 or +18183213098

Sosita commented 2017-04-06
I know what you did


3134569901 or +13134569901

Corby commented 2017-04-06
Whats going on


5022082671 or +15022082671

Al commented 2017-04-06
This is fraudster and be careful with this person


5095962642 or +15095962642

Clark commented 2017-04-06
hola solo querĂ­a decirte que estas buena, y me gustarĂ­a repetir la noche que pasamos


2022877742 or +12022877742

Delores commented 2017-04-06
When I tried to phone back I got a message the number is not in service. The message said to stay on the line for Free Directory service to help. When it came back, the message said, "Press any key to continue". WARNING: I did not follow this suspicious prompt. THIS is most likely a phishing or money charge scam.


5095962642 or +15095962642

Clark commented 2017-04-06
hola hermosa como estas


4158581659 or +14158581659

Tina lim commented 2017-04-06
Is this number that I received calling from Santa Barbara California,UK? It's home residence no or mobile?


3619806641 or +13619806641

Diana Reynolds commented 2017-04-06
Called, left no msg.


8177742899 or +18177742899

Karen commented 2017-04-06
I received a call from this number but didn't answer in time and called it back. A man answers and says please leave a message. It is a landline phone in Cleburne, TX. Don't know who they are. A bunch of Chinese writing on computer. The man who said to leave a message wasn't Chinese speaking. Sounded American.


2022877119 or +12022877119

Lewis commented 2017-04-06
Received call from this number. Nothing was said except for an automated goodbye. When called back, number is not in service.


4156970438 or +14156970438

Reuben Patrick commented 2017-04-06
i don't know if someone was trying to scam me but i really do want to know who the caller is.


6106343787 or +16106343787

babu commented 2017-04-05
give details


8186726614 or +18186726614

Jane Doe commented 2017-04-05
Is this a scam


9735597230 or +19735597230

Albert commented 2017-04-05
Caller said this was the last warning from the "IRS,but my wife cut her off with a few expletitives and shut the phone off.This is the second call from her and appeared to have a slight asian accent. Call made 4/5/17 ,12:30 P.M west coast time.


2074207285 or +12074207285

Grace commented 2017-04-05
Who is calling me 4 am Who ever you Are stop it Or Else


4128679596 or +14128679596

Rachel commented 2017-04-05
Who is this?


8727722126 or +18727722126

Queen commented 2017-04-05
Didn't receive my text message for tickets? 2524145338


6789066772 or +16789066772

thomas thompson commented 2017-04-05
calle me promising a call bacl "in 10 minutes", then did not call. wondering if it is a scam and recorded some of my answers to be used at a later date.


3524435817 or +13524435817

Thomas commented 2017-04-05
This number texted me about a school grant for my wife.


3474721792 or +13474721792

Mohammad Eldosougi commented 2017-04-05
Above # called me about 5 min, hung up when I answered and got a disconnected recording when I called back