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8883573202 or +18883573202

Dr. Sam Adams commented 2019-09-21
They call, hang up, then when you call back it says you can not call this number.


6786710548 or +16786710548

Ababa commented 2019-09-21
This number is bad number


5418015428 or +15418015428

Regina commented 2019-09-21
Missed call


9797951906 or +19797951906

josh smith commented 2019-09-20
recorded message " your social security number has been fraudulently used at the southern border." Please press one the number shown was +1(1)


8000610497 or +18000610497

ljp commented 2019-09-21
Called and I did not answer. Plan to block the number.


4232057073 or +14232057073

Pete commented 2019-09-20
Received call from this number today. I don't answer if I don't recognize #. Caller didn't leave message. Suspect spam/scam. I blocked #.


8004795181 or +18004795181

Jennifer McCoy commented 2019-09-21
SSA call advising supposed compromised SSN acct that requires account be closed and to press 1 to discuss with rep. Multiple attempts to contact, yada , yada. I simply think up at that point. The Social Security Administration would not contact me in this manner. Trust your gut, folks!


3237164484 or +13237164484

amir commented 2019-09-21
hi i received messages on whatsapp from this number kindly help me who sending me


5123371491 or +15123371491

ElwadElmesh commented 2019-09-21
Hello, when can I call


2091652945 or +12091652945

Linda Lindell commented 2019-09-20
it was a recording saying my Social Security has been blocked.. Repeated over and over again to press #1 to speak to a representative.


8003753627 or +18003753627

Silvana commented 2019-09-20
I received 2 calls from this number stating my social secudity number will be suspwnded due to suspicious activity and all my social security benefits. I think it is a scam. Beware everybody


8663934034 or +18663934034

Pissedoff commented 2019-09-20


8889856952 or +18889856952

Deb commented 2019-09-20
Same thing is happening to me right now. Only problem is the page on my computer is frozen with this information as you mentioned. Cannot get rid of it...any suggestions? I have already restarted my computer a couple of times, and cannot get rid of this page.


9152611483 or +19152611483

Laura commented 2019-09-20
Scam attempt! Says it's from the Social Security Department & you need to call back before they take legal action. I called back to see what would happen - 1st time they hung up immediately upon answering, 2nd time they admitted it was a scam when I confronted them!


6467319722 or +16467319722

vishwajeet commented 2019-09-20
actually, I have received a call from this number my number is 7982920363


8886453478 or +18886453478

iris wang commented 2019-09-20
i got a phone call which told me my SIN will be suspended. i guess it is a fraud.


8003191617 or +18003191617

k.brittan commented 2019-09-20
caller says he is from social security admin. says he is some officer and when you tell him your name he hanges up


4103247333 or +14103247333

Andre commented 2019-09-20
called and no one answered


8774212520 or +18774212520

jojo commented 2019-09-20
got this one today saying im getting legal action against me. but would not tell me what it is about, and that they are sending someone to my house with court papers and what not. then pushes that its been over a month trying to call me but i got 1 call, and they mailed me so much notices but never got one? but they knew my home address and they were trying to search for me? then tells me my county but the told me they were trying to find me nothing made sense and I know there is nothing on my im a good person and a veteran. I have a clean background.


8663743754 or +18663743754

Annoyed commented 2019-09-20
Very robotic voice says my SIN number is being suspended because of illegal activity